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Buffalo Trace 1991 Experimental Collection

Buffalo Trace 1991 Experimental Collection bourbon whisky

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•    1991 vintage
•    Aged 19 years
•    Warm and spicy
•    ABV 45%, 37.5cl



In 1998 the Buffalo Trace Distillery bought the Old Charter brand. The purchase included 150,000 barrels of bourbon whisky. Some of those barrels slipped through the net and sat aging in their warehouses until around 2010 when an audit found them.

The “rediscovered” bourbon was in just eight barrels. The still proof and entry proof are not known but the whisky went in to the barrels on 29 October 1991.

This bourbon whisky is obviously very limited (unless someone else in the distillery finds more hidden barrels). It could therefore be viewed as a collector’s item, but Buffalo Trace has wider ambitions for its experimental range.

They currently have over 1,500 experimental barrels of bourbon whisky aging. The experiments include things like different mash bills and different barrels for aging. Buffalo Trace has also set up a micro distillery to expand the programme even further.

The 19 years of aging has made Buffalo Trace 1991 Experimental Collection a drink with strong characteristics and a long finish. It is a small bottle, but a unique treat.

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Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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