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Bitter Truth bourbon whisky


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•  Rare
•  Aged for 24 years
•  Cask strength
•  ABV 69.2%, 70cl


Bitter Truth is a serious drink. You need to have seriously deep pockets, be a serious collector, and really know what drinking hard-edge bourbon whisky is about.

It is a high rye single barrel distilled in 1984 at a distillery that no longer exists. Bitter Truth was aged for 24 years and then bottled straight from the barrel, coming in at an impressive ABV 69.2%.

This is about experiencing bourbon in its rawest form. It is as close as you will get to the whisky made on the hills and in the plains of America 200 years ago.

It is extremely rare given the fact it spent 24 years maturing and the distillery no longer exists. This is reflected in the price. You would be buying a piece of history and a unique experience though. For that, this bottle is worth every penny.

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